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Me talking about myself to myself.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

sleepy satori

Last night as I was in bed and drifting towards sleep I was meditating on what the world would look like if we had moved beyond apathy and was just holding images and feelings of what that might be like. I was also pondering what it would be like to fly into space and look at stars and nebula's and galaxies and feeling the expansion that brought to me...

Then I was observing myself, and the pain in my tooth and a different perspective came in. It was a thought at first and it went "I am actually god" god is here in me... not in me because me is also god.

I moved into that perspective and everything I saw was ok... I saw various pains and stress and didnt wish them to be healed or to be anything, but rather just saw them as god sees them.. just as they are. each time I embodied this kind of observation about some aspect of myself that I have been efforting to change or heal, I would feel a warm glow inside me expand. It could best be described as relaxing... it was warm and easy feeling. My mind became excited at this and was like "wow, look at this we got it!" and tried to own the experience... the perspective of course would begin to fade and become a memory trace... then I would stumble back into that perspective again... After this repeating once or twice I fell asleep. I just remembered it this morning. The god perspective. :)

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