If you can summon the courage to see the truth, you will know freedom.

Me talking about myself to myself.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Stay Open

Relationships are a powerful tool for awakening

It is easier to see unconsciousness when it is not your own.

Your painbody/fear/darkness/negative associations are life energy that has separated from the totality of your being.
These separations are created by negative experiences that we were unable to process with love and understanding at the time they occurred. They are stored in your energies and can be activated when we are faced with experiences of a similar vibration. This is where re-activity comes from.

Due to the nature of these separations; being unconscious, negative in feeling, dis-empowering and painful we may experience aversion in facing them.

So as your partner sees your patterns of unconsciousness you may become triggered. If they are conscious enough to see the darkness without reacting or judging or wanting to change it, if they are able to just observe it with love and understanding (how i define "holding space") you will be given a wonderful opportunity to grow into the awareness yourself. This still requires your willingness to see. If they are reactive and judgmental you still have a wonderful opportunity to see what inside you is triggering them and how and why it is all there. Let the grace of observation move you into dis-identifying with these patterns.

Conscious observation with the fullness of your spiritual maturity and integrity can unravel any knot, can shine through any darkness. Be willing, Be Open.