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Saturday, June 16, 2012

infinity loop

Rain, sun, snow, frost, drought, ice age, earthquakes... whatever.

1. There is no point being in opposition to what is... because it already is, and you are only creating suffering for yourself.

2. If climate change has been effected by humans at all then who are we to complain about the weather?

The Rant to my apathy... and yours if you will:

Mother nature as been polluted with all of our mental, emotional and physical garbage for a very long time... We are responsible for some terrible abuse towards this planet, We have affected some drastic changes. Instead of complaining about the weather maybe we could spend that time looking into things like bill c-38... maybe we could wake up out of our collective apathy and delusions and really see what is going on here... We used to live in a country where money and powerful people at the top controlled the way things went and  tried to control media to sway thinking and keep the masses focused on anything but what was important... the only difference now is that the control is more obvious... blatantly obvious... I know, it is a struggle to survive in this day and age and I know what it is like to do the 9-5 work routine for years and the challenge it was to stay happy and alive and engaged in life in a real way.. The whole system in place is set to keep us challenged, to mindlessly accept that it is ok for our politicians to lie cheat style and do harm... or if we think it isn't ok we still just accept it because we dont see ourselves as having any power to change it. Or we do see ourselves with the power but it relies on others joining together and demanding change, enter the apathy.
Its cool, im apathetic, I know about it. I know why it has been in my life, stronger or weaker at different times, but I say the change we want isn't so far fetched and isn't so difficult. The apathy itself is only a projection of your beliefs onto everyone else. Own your apathy! Accept it, look at why it is there. 
What if you were told that your apathy was directly responsible for the state of our world? Or that you could affect the entire planet with your choices, that you didn't need to wait for others to have real power to change things? What if you could see how your apathy was empowering all that you dislike in the world... would you become more apathetic? maybe.. but that has been happening for a while now and it must be stated that you most certainly do have the power to change things all by yourself...  
Will you step up? Will you ponder stepping up? Or is this all obvious and patronizing and you feel you have already stepped up? Have you really? 

Well here is an exercise to practice:

Think of a few inefficient and wasteful policies and practices that you know of in the world and the thought that goes behind them. Now imagine what it would take to change those to something sustainable. Do not for a second give way to doubt or dispair... be creative and use your imagination or if something is clear to you then proceed with that. Take that solution and refine it. Is it sustainable? Does it cause any suffering? Is it plausible? <--- this one can be used loosely because the solutions to present issues are likely to be found outside the present realm of thinking. Some will be as simple and not need refinement. Now here is the magic and here is your power. Hold that solution to your heart... to the will of your heart and picture it already implemented and in place... close your eyes for this. Feel the joy and elation it would bring to others, or the ease it would bring to daily life. Put yourself in this experience of happiness and peace.... 
Hold this feeling in your heart whenever you see this issue in the world from now on... free from frustration and free from apathy... 
Quantum mechanics and some great work by other scientists and therapists have proven that this kind of thing actually works (See "what the bleep" and "the people vs the state of illusion")... 
You can apply this to everything you disagree with in the world (your judgements) and go from being part of the problem (feeding that energy which creates and sustains the things you dislike) to being part of the solution (ushering in a new earth.)


This post is missing all kinds of explanations and details and is definitely directed at myself as well as everyone else, but most of all it is directed at the people (including myself) who believe they are already a part of the solution... until you are an enlightened master and generating love, light and consciousness in all that you do think and say then it seems you are a part of and contributing to the very things you disagree with.

Even with that disclaimer I am still not ok with this post. hahaha... Projecting some?  

well off to try that exercise so as not to be too hypocritical. :)

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