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Sunday, May 12, 2013

pondering Enlightenment vs Ascension

Enlightenment is when you can observe all the thoughts of the mind and body sensations just as they are and are no longer susceptible to being drawn in by any of it.
The process of Ascension is to reclaim all the places in you that are contracted in fear by opening to them with love and compassion. By understanding them and how they got there. This can be a challenge as they are you after all, and are in fear and dis-empowered so you must walk with power and authority into an aspect of you that is completely dis-empowered and in pain. Attaining enlightenment before this process seems extremely useful, but every time we confront a fear and move past it we are doing this process. With each part of us that we reclaim the more we align our totality with god/source. There may be a tipping point where we have reclaimed enough by processing and can assimilate the rest with a single thought (this thought would be entire novels of words to describe that process but on that level of thinking/processing it would be momentary) At this moment of ascension we would have absolute control over ourselves and could explore all aspects of physical existence... this of course can be played with along the entire journey but at the stage of complete mastery of all karma (lifetimes of learning and understanding duality) We have graduated from this realm and can chose to move on to other phases of development or return to this earth plane as a teacher. 

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