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Thursday, August 2, 2012


Everyone is creating their reality in every moment.
If you take a "snapshot" of a person and look at their attitude, beliefs, intent, programming from their life's experiences, wiring of their energies that is determined by their high self, and a number of other aspects you could understand what type of reality they are creating and what they can expect in the future (not including divine will, grace nor miracles for the moment. )
Most of the time we are all totally asleep to our creating. We may have a single desire that burns with intensity, but often we also have some programming or beliefs that are conflicting with the desire and keeping it from manifesting. Become aware of your thoughts and feelings on a pure conscious level... that is just notice them without judging or reacting... if you judge or react just make space to see that as well...

Conscious observation of what is happening inside you will lead to full realization of who/what you really are and will empower your creating to the highest level... though when we are moving into these levels the desires we have now will seem pretty uninteresting.

To answer your question though:
If you have attracted a person or people into your life and they create something else that is not in line with our desires? There is nothing to do but honor the free will of that person / those people. The key to freedom is allowing everything to be as it is... to allow everyone else freedom to create as they will. If you have issue with someone elses creating then observe the feelings inside that come of it. They will show you how you are not honoring free will and why. This is where courage comes in, to be strong enough to see and be responsible for your own reactions. By claiming full responsibility for your emotional state you will empower your ability to witness observe and allow all things to occur... that is freedom.

If someone is creating something we do not agree with we are not allowing their freewill and not allowing something to be that already is. Accept what is as it is... even if you have an emotional response to it you can still just observe that too... if this gets frustrating you can observe that too... once you break the pattern by seeing it you have forged a new pathway and it will be easier to do so each time... all you have to guide you is your own integrity.

We are all unlimited
We are all responsible for our creations
We all have the ability to see our patterns and unconsciousness
When we see our unconsciousness with pure awareness it becomes conscious
When something unconscious is seen from pure observation with out reaction the binding force of that thing is broken, for as long as we can maintain that state without being suckered into the thing/thought again.
This process takes courage because we are addicted to our patterns and facing our darkness is undesirable

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