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Monday, May 13, 2013


Our planet needs us to love ourselves and to rise up in her defence. Take a moment and look outside, or in your mind see the earth. What a cool place hey? So many interactions of particles and organisms. and the sun!!! photosynthesis! so many miracles to behold everywhere we look. simple enjoyment of ourselves and the planet that sustains us will do wonders for it all :)

To continue to enjoy our world it seems we need to make even just a little more space in our already busy and challenging lives to lend some energy and help usher in an new collective experience for ourselves. Technology for free energy already exists. Blue prints for green cities and zero carbon homes already exist. Understanding of sustainable food production on mass scale is already out there. I could go on here about how every crisis/problem we face there is an answer too. But the point is that we have lacked the political will to actually pursue these options. Where does that will come from? Well, what happens when only 60% of us are even voting? ((http://www.elections.ca/content.aspx?section=ele&dir=turn&document=index&lang=e)) And of those voting who is getting their information by only watching mainstream media? In this model special interest groups and those acting on behalf of corporations are going to have their way.

Saying our system of democracy is broken and that politicians from all parties are not trustworthy is no reason to avoid engagement.
When we ignore negative patterns in ourselves they fester and grow into entrenched ways of being and thinking.
Healing begins when we turn the light of our attention back upon these areas. This happens in yoga and massage when you are instructed to "breathe into it." And in meditation when we just watch and observe out thoughts and see if we can let them pass without engaging in them... the light of our conscious attention is the most powerful transformational tool we have.

The parallel with the political scene is an exact mirror, just on the collective scale.
Our politicians, and systems of governance exist as they do because individually and collectively we have not been paying enough attention. This is a great thing because you can claim your power back any time. By paying attention to the actions and movements of governments and corporations and where you spend your money. ((Local as much as possible and avoiding those companies who are being called out as greedy and earth destructive.)) By paying attention to who is governing the resources of your region and ensuring the best candidate is chosen by voting for them.

The Earth is our home, it sustains us and we need to give a little bit back to it.
Staying emotionally positive is the most important part... I have worked on this for years and I cant say that I have mastered it but what helps is looking at the big picture. We, the human population on earth are an experiment. Put on by our god-selves to further the development of consciousness of the universe. We have no death, there are no tragedies. Mother Earth will heal itself with or without us here, and if we destroy ourselves then it will just be inconvenient for our souls to wait for a species capable of self reflection to evolve again so that we may have another crack at it...ya that gets into my own personal beliefs but it is all i have for now ;)

So lets do it! lets engage in ourselves, lets engage in our world and bring about this shift of consciousness we hear so much about. It is happening already all over the planet. It is the most fulfilling thing to do and it is actually easy; maybe for some just unfamiliar.
We already have groups of individuals who are bringing awareness to the big issues as they come up... staying aware just enough to engage politics is all we need to do.

Always balance the knowledge of what is happening out there with reminders of how beautiful and how powerful you are. There are tons of great documentaries and internet clips that function in this way. You are as free as you allow yourself to be and as beautiful as you allow yourself to feel.
I believe in you. I believe in us.
And "I am not the only one"

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