If you can summon the courage to see the truth, you will know freedom.

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Monday, December 5, 2011


while driving through Squamish on my way to the city the other day I had a thought stream end with what I would call my simple definition of spirituality.

Spirituality is paying attention to what is going on inside of you.

it needn't be more complicated than that. I believe that absolutely everything that has does and will ever exist or unfold is spiritual but to discover this one simply needs to pay attention to what is happening to themselves from the inside. your thoughts emotions and reactions... your desires your fears and what you believe to be true vs. what you know as truth. Words about this can be written, read, contemplated and argued over, but the endless discovery of what we really are begins by paying attention. To things on the surface... or as deep as we can manage... and then deeper... and then deeper... and then we realize what we once thought was deep was just a more subtle story of shallow things. and the process enters a new phase of going deeper... and deeper. and as far as I can tell has no depths or limits... even after enlightenment, full realization, complete transcendence of all karma and merging with the collective, complete transcendence of physical laws and this reality, merging with the sun and experiencing every photon of live giving energy, every atom and molecule in the entire solar system and being aware of each and all at the same time. experiencing like this further and further until reaching total universal omnipotence and beyond to all the dimensions and universes and all physical existence simultaneously realizing that you are all this and are part of the creative forces that both conceived and sustain it. or something like this.....

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