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Friday, August 12, 2011


Eco community... eco is a commercial term now. And I will be putting the idea forward to the collective that forms when im ready to purchase land for the commune.

I started dreaming up my ideal living situation when faced with yet another move and just didnt want to settle on another suite... I was looking for a new place to rent to get away from the clouds of pesticides that permeated the orchard house i lived in. I wanted a cabin in the woods. I wanted a big shop to store tools and gear. I wanted trees! lots of trees and enough privacy to walk around my yard nude.

After a search and a prayer of manifesting such a place i decided the best way to bring this about was to have my own land... (i use "my own" because it fits to our current system, i dont believe we can own land, but rather create a relationship to it.) I was excited at the idea of having the freedom to work and create the way i wanted to...

So to purchase a sizable chunk of raw land i was going to need financial help, back then i was in my 2nd year electrical and was not yet making enough to consider buying my own... Around this time I had realizations about the number of friends and family i had in the trades. I began to ponder who might be interested in teaming up and buying land and helping each other build our respective dwellings... I began to draw up a list (which I still have and just looked at) of all things I thought should be considered before going forward. Topics I started with:

Money and Ownership

Land and Layout


Selecting the right people


I had several issues/thoughts for each topic but this was a quick list that didn’t get much more attention itself, but helped me begin to bring this from idea to reality; at least in my mind. I realized soon that some people had the capacity to see this work (by capacity i sort of mean seeing the issues and knowing they will be part of the solution not the problem) while others seemed concerned about not having the right people. It seemed to me that, with all realism included, those who foresaw problems would likely be the ones creating those problems... I do not mean I want to find people with any sort of blinders on, but rather those who know that through their integrity and love in their heart this dream can be realized. These are the people that attract me. I also have seen those who seem all for it, but through my intuition and their lack of presence I feel alarms ringing in me. I am aware that this idea is common and to me just makes sense, so there will be a lot of interest and many options for people to join many communities i.e. sharing the interest in this topic with people doesn't mean we will all live in the same community. Through intuition and trust in the power of clear intention this wont be much of an issue. Just a lot of fun. I attract those who have made peace with working in the system and are not trying to escape it, but who are simply going to do something that makes sense.

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