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Friday, August 12, 2011

Community Ideas

This is the original list i made:

Communal Living Ideas and Issues
Money and Ownership:
-buy out and buy in (need for it?)
-value of contribution
-Paper work for who owns what
-learn about the property laws for having multiple families on one property, taxes etc.
-food sharing
Land and Layout:
-private drive ways branching off main driveway
-water sources
-potential for agriculture
-proximity to Vernon
-discussing issues
-learning everyone’s priorities
-having a general plan or list of priorities that is adaptable and agreeable.
-emotional support and healing
Selecting the right people:
-talk to people about their commitment and enthusiasm and openness to the idea
-selecting temporary people,
Sharing resources
-tools and manpower
-providing care for children from familiar and loving people
-While some will work to pay mortgage others will work to raise children and prepare food from garden and canning etc.
-communal library

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