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Thursday, August 12, 2010

salad days

yoga is such a nice way to relax and center. having a good instructor is key :)

I like how it invites me to be present with energetic and physical blocks. Some times it is too intense, but pushing into it with intention and awareness seems to alleviate any detrimental effects. The breathing is great too. I definitely find it difficult to stay present with my breath and feeling my body. My mind loves to latch onto things that come up and run with them, but over all i always leave feeling more centered relaxed and at peace than when i walked in.

I have a nice fruit crisp in the oven downstairs and the smells are wafting up... hahaha I feel much more in control of the food eating things but i dont want to control it, that is i dont want to use my mental power to suppress anything. I want to just do what feels the best and whether that means having a pieve of it tonight or not what ever.. or eating the whole thing. any which way I dont want to force the issue.... I believe that if i allow this to be as it is and allow it to express itself I can observe it and perhaps find the root of the issue.

well thats all for now,


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  1. Hmm, it would appear that you haven't written anything here in a while.....haha.....WoW! :D